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Fujifilm’s New 102-Megapixel Camera Might Be a Bargain

Fujifilm just released the highest resolution medium-format mirrorless camera you can buy: the GFX100.

Fujifilm just released the highest resolution medium-format mirrorless camera you can buy: the GFX100. It has a 102-megapixel sensor in a 55mm diagonal length and, according to Fujifilm, it features a bunch of “world’s firsts” for a camera with an image sensor larger than 35mm.

Let’s rattle them off. The GFX100 is the first large format camera to have an in-body image stabilization system (providing up to 5.5 stops of shake correction); the first to have a phase detection autofocus system (which Fujifilm claims is capable of performance speeds that are up to 210 percent better than the auto-focus system used in GFX 50R); and it’s the first that’s able to shoot 4K video at 30fps.

The GFX100 is officially Fujifilm’s new flagship and it’s priced to match; you can preorder it now for $9,999. While expensive, the GFX100 might actually be a steal for professional shooters.

Its combination of image stabilization, a phase detection autofocus system and a pretty modern sensor make it more equivalent to higher-end medium format cameras by Phase One or Hasselblad, which can command significantly higher prices. Actually, the GFX100 might even be better in a lot of situations.

Throw in the fact that the GFX100 is also weather sealed, and there’s basically very little reason to get something like Canon’s EOS 5D or D850. That is, if you can afford it. Not too many amateur shooters are going to spend $15k on a camera kit.

Fujifilm expects the GFX100 to start shipping in late June.

Pre-Order: $9,999+

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