Parrot Zik Headphones by Philippe Starck

A touch more advanced


Headphones are the new status symbol in a world where everyone owns the exact same phone. So it’s not surprising that Parrot, maker of a wide range of random accessories for mobile devices including a remote controlled helicopter drone and the Asteroid car audio receiver, decided to enter the fray. Like the $1,500 Zikmu iPod speakers launched a few years back, their newly announced Zik headphones were designed by the guru of all things modern, Philippe Starck. While they aren’t the first set of cans to make use of Bluetooth connectivity to eliminate wires, a unique button-less design should help them stand out in the first class cabin, partially because of their sleek black exterior, but more likely because of the strange ear cup fondling their wearers will surely engage in.

Specifically, swiping up or down along the back of the right ear cup adjusts volume. Skipping tracks likewise works by swiping back and forth to the left or right. The audio will even auto pause each time it detects a user taking off the headset. Most phones will still have to “pair” with the headphones to work, but newer handsets equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) such as the Galaxy Nexus can automatically sync by just tapping one of the ear cups to the phone. Noise cancellation technology rounds it all out, muting consistent background distractions both inside and outside the headset, so you can listen to Toni Braxton or take calls from grandma in auditory peace. Of course, there’s an app as well, which provides a wide-array of soundstage controls for discriminating listeners who can’t help but tweak settings. Ready to spring? Pricing and release dates are still under lock and key, so you’ll have to monitor the link below for news.

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