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This New Charging Station Aims to Boost Your Office Productivity

The Steelcase Flex Mobile Power is a portable charging station for the modern open office space.


Anker and Steelcase have teamed up to create the Steelcase Flex Mobile Power, a portable charging station for the modern open office space. It combines each of what the two companies do best: portable power from Anker and office furniture from Steelcase.

The Steelcase Flex Mobile Power is a system of portable batteries called Mobile Power units, each of which has several ports and is capable of charging up to three laptops for a full day. Each unit is also smart enough to detect which laptop has the lowest battery life and then direct more power that way.

Each of the Mobile Power units is about the size of a large thermos and can easily be carried out anywhere in an office. The idea is that an individual or a small team can break away from their desk at any time. At night, the Mobile Power units go back on a proprietary charging tray so they can be ready for the following day. This tray can charge up to five units overnight.

The Steelcase Flex Mobile Power will be available in December 2019 and is being marketed towards businesses. Starter kits will include 3 Mobile Power units and a charging tray, although there is an option to buy more units and have the tray integrated into a Steelcase Flex Collection cart, which is essentially a bar car for portable batteries.

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