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Logitech Cube



Traveling and giving presentations for work is stressful enough, which is why perennial mouse-maker Logitech has created the Cube. The palm-sized businessman’s friend is a combination mouse/presenter that lightens the load of even the most burdened road warrior. Thanks to touch surface scrolling, the Cube acts as a traditional mouse when placed on a flat surface. Whenever it’s picked up, the cube becomes a presentation remote with slide-by-slide clicking. Reverting to mouse mode is as easy as flipping the Cube over and re-clicking. Available in gloss black or Apple-lovers’ white, the Cube connects to Logitech’s proprietary receiver that can link up to six compatible devices simultaneously to your computer without hoarding all of its valuable USB ports. That sound you just heard was a brigade of sales reps in a collective sigh of relief.

Buy Now: $70

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