Braun Digital Alarm Clocks

Right on time


Braun has been associated with immaculate design for decades, with guru Dieter Rams conjuring up some of their most iconic objects in the 1960’s, based around minimalist lines, uncluttered surfaces and rock solid materials. This legacy still carries on today in the company’s new line of digital alarm clocks. Several different models in varying sizes are perfect for travel or a permanent place on your nightstand. Their understated aesthetics and large displays are simply elegant, and harken back to a time when form was dictated by function, and not the other way around. Inside, you’ll find a host of modern features too, including radio synchronization to the global clock signal, so no matter what time zone you head is in, your alarm will keep you grounded. It still won’t make waking up for the early meeting enjoyable, but at least you’ll score some cool points with the hotel staff.

Buy Now: $50+

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