Geneva Sound System Model XS

Long live the clock radio


The radio alarm clock business has never been a particularly sexy one, not counting, of course, the occasional technological breakthroughs in snooze technology (we set ours at 9 min). But Geneva is waking up the sleepy clock radio industry with the Geneva Sound System Model XS ($250), a slick ultra-compact bluetooth audio system and the first portable player in the world to come with true Hi-Fi sound.

The groggy business traveller has the option of tuning into the local stations through the integrated digital FM tuner, or choose to ignore the wacky morning DJs and enjoy the stereo playback of your streaming music collection from any Bluetooth-enabled device (or connect with other audio sources with the included 3.5 mm line-in cable). When closed, the speakers, amplifiers, radio and alarm clock fold up inside the stylish leather-like clamshell case, making it easy to tuck away in any small travel bag. But flipped open, the digital amplifier and stereo speakers deliver a rich, full sound with clear mid and high frequencies complemented by surprisingly powerful bass produced by the woofer, capable of response below 80Hz. Waking up never sounded so good.

Buy Now: $250

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