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Want to Be a Better Smartphone Photographer? Get DJI’s Affordable New Gimbal

The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is the company’s best-ever smartphone gimbal.


DJI just announced the Osmo Mobile 3, the company’s third-generation smartphone gimbal and it’s actually a big upgrade over its 2015 predecessor, the Osmo Mobile 2. Just like before, the newest Osmo Mobile is designed to help smartphone photographers and videographers take photos better and way more stabilized videos, and the “3” packs some key features that consumers have been asking for – and it’s significantly cheaper, too.

First, it’s foldable. This is a first for any Osmo Mobile gimbal and it allows the new model to be way more compact and portable.

Second, the trigger button from the first-generation Osmo Mobile is back. This trigger button helps maneuver the gimbal by locking orientation, rotating the gimbal for selfies, and auto-centering when tracking a subject.

Third, smartphone orientation. It’s really easy to switch between portrait to landscape modes while using the Osmo Mobile 3. Just press the “M” button three times in and row and it’ll quickly re-orientate the smartphone.

Fourth, the Osmo Mobile 3 has the same ActiveTrack feature that DJI’s more-recent drones and gimbals have. Users can tap the trigger button once, and their smartphone will begin tracking a subject while also keeping them centered within the frame.

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Fifth, gesture mode. If you want to take an “elevated selfie,” you’re able to do so without pressing any buttons. Once Gesture Control is enabled, you can put up your palm and a quick countdown will begin…3…2…1…selfie taken.

Sixth, there’s also a new sleep mode. Unlike previous Osmo Mobile gimbals that weren’t foldable, you can fold the Osmo Mobile 3 up without turning it completely off. This allows you to carry it compactly and then quickly unfold it and begin shooting. The idea is that you start shooting photos and videos more quickly – and thus be more spontaneous.

Seventh, it now charges via USB-C. Not only that, this charging port can be used to add an external microphone. You can even tether the gimbal to your smartphone and charge your smartphone with the Osmo Mobile 3, which is neat.

Eighth, at just $119 the Osmo Mobile 3 is actually cheaper than the Osmo Mobile 2 ($139). For an extra $20, you can buy a tripod attachment and carrying case for just $139.

If you’re into smartphone photography or videography, the Osmo Mobile looks like a winner. Not only is it not terribly expensive, but it’s also a way-upgraded model over its predecessors. Also, if you’re at all familiar using DJI’s other smartphone or camera gimbals, or even drones, the Osmo Mobile 3 should be pretty intuitive for you to use. It works with both iPhone and Android smartphones.

Buy Now: $119

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