Jarre AeroPad Two Dock

Docking Statement


There are docking stations and then there are docking statements. In a world wrought with crappy auxiliary plug-ins masquerading as “made for iPod” accessories, this would be the latter. No judgment here if you mistook the Jarre AeroPad Two Dock (~$920) for something out of Gattaca, but we think you’ll find that this device has the sound quality to match the unique looks designed by the creator who’s name it bears – John Michael Jarre. It’s pricey, but before tuning out, consider that the AeroPad Two is wrapped in stainless steel and bamboo, features four amplified 4, 30 watt speakers and a single 80 watt speakers, as well as USB and auxiliary jacks to go with Apple’s 30-pin connector. Say what you will about Ze French and their esoterica, but in the case of Jarre (composer turned performer turned music producer turned docking station designer) we think the result is le magnifique!

Buy Now: ~$920

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