Christopher Nolan and Martin Scorsese Want Your TV to Stop Ruining Their Movies

So they, along with the UHD Alliance and a host of other directors, have introduced Filmmaker’s Mode.


Starting in 2020, 4K TVs by Vizio, Panasonic and LG will have a new setting, called Filmmaker Mode, that’s designed to preserve the “creative intent and provide cinematic experience.” In a nutshell, Filmmaker Mode will disable every post-processing feature that modern TVs have (such as motion smoothing, noise reduction and auto sharpening), ensuring that whatever your watching, be it a show or movie, will look exactly how the filmmaker intended. It will have correct colors, aspect ratios, frame rates and so on.

The new TV setting was announced by the UHD Alliance, a coalition whose job is it to keep the high standards of everything from movie theaters to Blue-rays, and it’s supported by 140 directors and cinematographers, including a number of the industry’s biggest names, such as Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan and Rian Johnson. If you want to know exactly what Filmmaker Mode is and what it does, watch Christ Nolan (along with a host of others) explain exactly that in the below video.

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It’s obvious that Filmmaker Mode is the industry’s way of “fighting back” against consumer electronics that, in their minds, probably devalue whatever they made. It’s neat, especially for movie buffs, but there’s an issue; it appears that Filmmaker Mode will only be available on new TVs that come out in 2020; meaning your current TV will likely not ever have this setting. That said, most anybody can go into their current TV’s settings and disable Motion Smoothing and get a more accurate picture.

While Vizio, Panasonic and LG are the only current TV manufacturers that will integrate Filmmaker Mode into their new TVs, it’s likely that others will manufacturers will join on in the near future.

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