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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

No carbon copy


For years Apple marketing mavens have asked us to “think different”. With so many of us sipping on a stylish cup-ertino, it now seems that “different” has now become the norm. Be the one to buck that trend at your local hot-spot with the new Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (TBA). Staying true to the ThinkPad’s timeless design, the little red TrackPoint somehow still serves as a beacon swathed in business black.

This new Ultrabook, the latest evolution in the Lenovo X1 family, delivers a larger 1,600×900 14-inch screen while dropping almost a full pound of weight compared to its predecessor, thanks to, you guessed it, carbon fiber. The wonderful weave is used to create the notebook’s chassis, giving it some serious strength while making it the lightest 14-incher around at under three pounds. The weight savings has allowed Lenovo to install built-in 3G connectivity, Dolby Home Theatre v.4, a 720p face-tracking camera and a backlit keyboard along with Ivy Bridge processing power. To keep you working well into the denouement of that screenplay/epic Excel workbook you’re pounding out, the X1 Carbon will employ a “Rapid Charge” feature to get back to 80%-charge in about the same time it takes to knock back a double macchiato. Look for pricing to drop later this summer.

Buy Now: TBA (Available Summer 2012)

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