Pioneer SE-MJ591 Headphones

As good as they sound


While shiny plastic finishes and big bass beats are the current calling card for a “good” set of cans, there is something to be said about the oft-understated audiophile approach. Pioneer’s just-introduced high-end headwear, the SE-MJ591 ($300), co-mingles a subtle matte finish with brushed aluminum accents and a spec sheet that will have heads bobbing. Aerospace-grade plastics coupled with copper-coated aluminum voice coils can re-create Brittany Howard’s high- and mid-range warbles with lifelike clarity, while the large 40mm drivers can handle all of the syncopated and shuffled lows of the inevitable dubstep remix. Soft faux-leather ear pads and a cushioned headband combine to keep you comfortable; their foldable design with padded case means they can be brought along anywhere you go, although our guess is you’ll just keep ‘em where they belong: over your ears.

Buy Now: $300

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