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What You Need to Know About Amazon’s Avalanche of New Gadgets

Amazon announced a truly absurd number of gadgets this afternoon, here’s a quick rundown.


Today at a Seattle event dedicated to its latest hardware announcements, Amazon announced a truly ridiculous number of new devices both in existing lines and wholly new gadgets. Here’s a quick rundown of what was there.

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock: A small, new version of Amazon’s classic Echo Dot, but with a digital clock that shine’s through the speaker’s cloth body. Available for pre-order today for $60.

An all-new Echo: Amazon’s baseline Echo device with a traditional design, but now sporting the advanced speakers from the Echo Plus. Available for pre-order today for $100.

The Echo Studio: A new member of the Echo family with a suite of high-quality speakers and auto-tuning capabilities that could make it a cheaper alternative to the likes of Sonos and the Apple HomePod. It has five speakers: three midrange, one directional tweeter and a 5.25-inch bass driver.It supports Dolby Atmos and also functions as a typical Echo smart speaker. Available for pre-order today for $200.

Echo Show 8: A bigger version of the Echo Show 5, with an 8-inch screen. It contains the audio bits from the Echo Show 10 and is available to preorder for $130.

Echo Glow: A small, color changing lamp that can be controlled by voice when paired with an Alexa compatible device. Cute but kind of useless. Great stocking-stuffer material. Available for pre-order today for $30.

All-new Eero mesh routers: Amazon’s mesh routers have an update and a price cut. The new Eero routers cost $99 a piece or $249 for three, (compared to $400 for three in the past). Available for pre-order today.

Echo Flex: A small Echo device that plugs right into an outlet and has USB port so that it can be outfitted with various accessories, like a motion sensor. It is available for pre-order today for $25, and the motion sensor and night light accessories are available for pre-order for $15.

Ring Retrofit Alarm Kit: A DIY kit that will let you connect a Ring security system to an existing standalone security system you may have. It’s not yet available for pre-order but will cost $200 for just the Retrofit Kit, or $375 for the kit with a Ring Alarm Hub.

Ring Stick Up Cam: A small outdoor camera that can be powered by battery or solar panel (or optional wired version), and supports 1080p video, motion detection, and night vision. It’s available for pre-order today for $100.

Ring Indoor Cam:: A wired, indoor Ring camera with motion sensing and microphone/speakers for two-way comunication. Available today for $60.

Amazon Smart Oven: Alexa-powered tabletop microwave and oven that can do convection cooking and air frying as well as automatically setup up to cool certain products (presumably plenty from Amazon-owned Whole Foods) by scanning them in. It’s available for pre-order today for $250.

Fetch: An upcoming pet tracker shipping next year which will use Amazon’s new “Sidewalk” wireless protocol to track your pets location and alert you if they leave a geo-fenced area like your yard. Not yet available.

Echo Frames: A pair of Alexa-compatible glasses frames that include a microphone and speakers, but no screens or augmented reality elements. They will be available in prescription lenses, will cost $180 and are part of Amazon’s ‘Day1 Editions’ program, which means you can request an invitation, but there’s no gaurentees quite yet.

Echo Loop: An Alexa-powered smart ring with built-in microphone and speaker. It’s water resistent and Amazon claims it has an all-day battery life. It’s also an experimental Day1 Edition device, and you can request an invite to purchase it at $130.

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