NeuroSky MindWave Mobile Headset

Get your head in the game


Futuristic “bio-sensor” company NeuroSky has finally perfected what Professor X was born with — a brainwave scanning headset that can read your mind. Parts of it, at least. Designed for playing iOS and Android games, the MindWave Mobile headset ($130) can’t tell you what your enemies are thinking, but it can detect your levels of concentration, relaxation, and blinking to incorporate them into some seriously cool hands-free mind controllable mobile gaming.

Weighing around 3 ounces, the EEG headset works by detecting changes in your brain’s electrical activity, allowing you to control the gameplay using only your mind in over 100 apps currently available in the Android Market and iTunes (check NeuroSky’s website for details). Specifically, the plastic headgear features a three-quarter-inch-wide EEG sensor band that wraps around your head as well as reference and grounding electrodes that connect via an ear clip. So you may want to keep your playing out the public eye — because you won’t need this thing on to know what they’ll be thinking.

Buy Now: $130

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