Clamcase Clambook

The Hulk to your Smartphone's Bruce Banner


If your penchant for gaming, music and web surfing through your smartphone is a 10/10, then you might want to put a tickler in your calendar for this holiday season in anticipation of the Clamcase Clambook. With nary a hint of Macbook Air (ahem), the Clambook is as thin as the day is long and light as, um, air. Essentially it utilizes your smartphone’s powerful processor and amplifies its capabilities. Watch movies and videos via its 16:9 ratio display and harness your smartphone’s potential via the MHL port that unifies audio, video and power. An Android 4.0 friendly keyboard and multi-function trackpad round out this notebook’s versatility. With a lower heat signature than other notebooks and increased battery life due to the lack of an internal processor, this Clambook could just be the answer to long layovers and meals for one. Details on the Clambook’s price and device support are forthcoming.

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