Klutz Design CanCan

Throne of Phones


Perch your grail cans (the audio kind) on a home deserving of their stature with the Klutz Design CanCan ($555). Stratospherically priced, this stately, high-design throne offers up a tear-shaped stand that’s hand-crafted in Sweden from solid wood and mounted on a hand-polished aluminum base. With an inset cradle for securing your headphones and two prominent knobs — for winding your cable, as strictly or as relaxed as you please — the Euro-chic design is undoubtedly polarizing, but so are headphone nerds. We know. Just do us a favor, if you do get a CanCan stand, keep it far from any IKEA remnants still haunting your digs.

Buy Now: $555 ($300 B-stock)

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