HP RED Z820 Workstation

Edit with fury


RED is credited with making some of the most innovative and lust worthy video shooters on the market today. Considering their gear can devour upwards of 50 megabytes of data per second and render eye popping 5k resolution video, almost anything is possible; at least until it comes time to chop, cut and rebuild that data.

To make sure that none of your vision is lost on the cutting room floor, RED has partnered with HP to create a video editing machine capable of digesting all that you can feed it. The HP RED Z280 Workstation (TBD) comes equipped with up to two RED Mag card readers to make things plug and play, as well as a RED Rocket booster card allowing any would be Ridley Scott’s to create an immersive 3D world. Processing power comes in the form of twin Intel Sandy Bridge E5-2687 chips resulting in 16 liquid cooled cores, configurable up to 3.1GHz with Turbo boost to kick things up to 3.91GHz. While 32GB of RAM is standard, you can turn that into 128GB with the tick of a box. A single SSD boot drive is standard as well as an NVIDIA Quadro 5000 video card, with upgrades available. You can even option a Blu-Ray burner for straight to video releases. These systems will be available exclusively through Tekserve and ProMax with even more upgrade possibilities available after consultation. Deliveries start in July, so you have some time to start shooting the version of Prometheus you wanted.

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