Kickstarter: Riseful RollPro III

With great power comes great storage options

Michael Bratcher

People have filmed some insane stuff since the GoPro first came out. The indestructible camera that could can be used in seemingly limitless ways, which means a seemingly limitless collection of cases and accessories. Kind of difficult to shoot that video you planned of yourself parasailing into a gorge while on a flame-engulfed surfboard with all that kit you have to carry around.

Michael Bratcher and his upstart design company Riseful, aiming to aid parasailing pyromaniacs of the world, have created the Riseful RollPro III. Built upon the same principles as the classic rollup tool kit, the RollPro III has been designed to carry practically everything you’d ever need. The organizer fits the pantheon of GoPro kit: Bacpacs, covers, batteries, SD cards, pivots, clip mounts, chargers, and of course three GoPro cameras themselves. Stuffed full of gear, the pouch and loop system rolls up to about the size of your local Sunday paper. It’s currently being funded on Kickstarter, and with three weeks left and over 70% of its goal met the RollPro III seems destined to become a reality. Just make sure that if you get one you live up to the awesomeness needed to use it. We’ll be watching.

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