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Your Favorite Cheap Smart Home Camera Just Got a Little Better

Wyze is simply adding more options for people who want to get even more out of their little smart home camera.


Wyze, the maker of our favorite cheap smart home cameras, is jumping on the subscription bandwagon. Starting today, it’s launching Complete Motion Capture, a new and optional subscription service for anybody who owns either of the company’s two smart home cameras, the Wyze Cam ($20) and the Wyze Cam Pan ($30).

The subscription costs $1.49 per camera — which is cheap, just like Wyze’s cameras — and it enables that camera to record 1080p video clips whenever it detects motion from start-to-finish. Without a subscription, each camera is limited to 12-second clips, which can only be saved to the cloud every 5 minutes. A subscription allows that camera to record any number of videos, much longer than 12 seconds, and then save them to the cloud.

These videos will live on the cloud for 14 days, whether you have a Complete Motion Capture subscription or not. Both of Wyze’s cameras allow for external storage, in case you don’t want to use a cloud service.

Not everybody who owns one of Wyze’s cameras is going to need to subscribe to the company’s new service. After all, without a subscription, you’re not losing anything that you already had. You still get the standard 12-second motion recording and 14 day free cloud storage. Wyze is simply adding more options for people who want to a litle bit extra out of their budget smart home camera.

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