Kickstarter: 1Q

Smart as it sounds


And so the Kickstarter surge in craftsmanship continues. The latest proof: the 1Q ($119). Wrapped in a 3″ wood cube, the 1Q is an astonishingly efficient Bluetooth sound system with a hand-crafted cabinet that produces natural sound in a surprisingly wide 80Hz-20kHz frequency range. Its creator, David Laituri, is actually the man behind Vers Audio.

With an estimated battery life of over 10 hours, the 1Q wirelessly links to nearly all Bluetooth enabled and despite its diminutive size, it can easily deliver enough sound to fill reasonable-sized spaces. The wooden casings come in three different, yet equally beautiful options: bamboo, walnut, and limited edition red beech. While the 1Q won’t give indications as to how smart you really are, you can count on it to flawlessly deliver background music while you’re busy reciting the periodic table.

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