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Hate Your Keyboard? Logitech Designed a More Comfortable One

It costs $130 and is designed to deliver a more natural typing experience.


Last year I raved about the MX Vertical, Logitech’s ergonomic mouse that I still use to this day. After the success of that mouse (along with the previous MX Ergo mouse), Logitech has officially released the Ergo K860 keyboard, its first-ever ergonomic keyboard. The Ergo K860 keyboard costs $130 and is available right now on the company’s website. It’ll appear on Amazon and at other retail stores in February.

The Ergo K860 is a fixed-split keyboard — meaning the keys are separated on two sides — that’s it’s designed to deliver a more natural typing experience. The keyboard’s frame has a unique curvature, which Logitech says it designed using its Perfect Stroke key system; essentially it’s supposed to help you type more comfortably and, ultimately, more efficiently.

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There’s also a curved and cushioned wrist rest that’s fixed to the Ergo K860, which Logitech claims reduces “wrist bend” by 25 percent. Underneath the front of the keyboard are two foldable legs so, if you’re working at a standing desk, you can adjust the height and keep your wrists in a natural posture. Like all ergonomic keyboards, Logitech’s newest creation is designed to help those who have bad typing posture or are just uncomfortable while working at their desk.

As for other specs, the Ergo K860 keyboard is compatible with both Mac or PC, and it can connect to said computer via Bluetooth Low Energy or a USB dongle. The keyboard does not have a built-in battery and runs on AAA batteries instead, which Logitech claims will last for about two years before you’ll need to swap out batteries. The keys are not backlit, which might be a minor frustration but it helps keep the cost of the keyboard at just $130.

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