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DirecTV Genie

Your not dreaming any more


Like a central command for your household’s voracious DVR consumption, DirecTV Genie is the latest golden nugget in the satellite-is-better-than-cable arsenal. And it’s aptly named too, this digital succubus of TV shows, with 5 (yes, five) tuners capable of devouring and recording up to 6 programs, simultaneously. That means the Genie can hoover Mad Men, Downton Abbey, Breaking Bad, Seinfeld reruns and The Daily Show while you fire up Parks & Rec on demand.

If you’re worried about reliving the headaches of what seems like a 47 minute max on your POS Time Warner box, it’s nice to know the Genie comes equipped with 1TB of storage capable of recording 200 hours of high-def. It also serves as a HD DVR for the entire household letting you toss the separate boxes and take control of TV in any room. And if you can’t figure out exactly what to record, you can rub the box fire up a built-in recommendation tool that finds suggestions based on your viewing preferences. Sounds like wizardry to us.

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