The Holy Grail of Retro Gaming Consoles Is Back In Black, For a Limited Time

It’s your last chance to buy one of Analogue’s famed retro gaming consoles.


Analogue released its Nt Mini back in 2017 and, at the time, we called it the “holy grail of retro gaming consoles.” Not only did it allow you to play old NES, Famicom, Famicom Disk System games on your new-age TV, but its all-aluminum design looked so good. No need to hide it when guests came over.

Since then, Analogue has gone on to release a number of sweet retro gaming consoles, such as the Mega Sg (Sega Genesis) and Super Nt (Super Nintendo), and will be releasing its first handheld retro console, the Pocket (Game Boy), later this year — but it’s fair to say that none of Analogue’s recent consoles have been as beautiful (or as expensive) as the Nt Mini.

Now, however, the company is going to stop production of the Nt Mini. Analogue just announced that it would be producing one last run of Nt Mini consoles, but these final ones will be special. Named the Nt Mini “Noir,” the limited-edition consoles will have an all-new anodized, gunmetal finish. The company tweeted the details:

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If you’ve ever been interested in getting one of these ultra-lux consoles, this looks like it’ll be your last chance. The limited-edition Nt Mini Noir consoles have also been upgraded from the 2017-released consoles. They’ll have improved cartridge slots, an updated interface, gold plated I/Os and transparent controller ports. Maybe most exciting is that the console actually comes with a wireless gaming controller from 8BitDo (no need to order one separately).

These upgrades, new finish and included wireless controller come at a slight cost, however. Each of Analogue’s Nt Mini “Noir” consoles will cost $499, which is a $50 uptick from the 2017-released Nt Minis.

You can order a console now on the company’s website.

Buy Now: $499

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