Ilford HP5 Single Use Black & White Cameras

Disposable style

Not everyone can afford a black & white Leica, unfortunately. For the artsy set on a budget, Ilford HP5 Disposable Black & White Cameras (~$14) give the opportunity for a fun, alternative moment capture that can be processed nearly anywhere. Whether it’s for a date, a wedding or a spontaneous bit of artistry, Ilford’s cameras are perfect for casual shooting that anyone (including grandma, who doesn’t know an f-stop from a stop sign) can handle.

Each camera comes in a separate package and can take 27 shots, just like those yellow and black Kodaks you took on vacation as a kid; they’ve got a flash, too (ooh lala!). If you’re a Brit, you can also pay for your HP5 to be sent to the Ilford Lab and processed there — they’ll send back a set of 6 x 4 inch black and white prints when they’ve finished. You can also have your photos developed anywhere that has standard black & white processing. Depending on how artsy you’re getting, and with whom, you may want to get develop them yourself instead.

Buy Now: $14

$22 (Ilford Lab processing)

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