Samsung S9 UHD 4K TV

Your Picasso might be jealous
Try to keep coach from drawing up plays on this black board. | Samsung

If four times the number of pixels of the current Full HD standard can’t satisfy your lust for the bleeding edge, then the “unprecedented design” of the Samsung S9 UHD 4K TV should do the trick. The so-called “Timeless Gallery” frame mimics the look of an easel and allows the monstrous screen to rotate up or down.

At 85 inches, it also beats the existing 4K competition (and some Jumbotrons) by a one-inch margin — making it the biggest 4K TV ever, that is, until 95- and 110-inch versions arrives later in the year. Plenty of other high-end goodies round out this Nimitz-class display’s spec sheet, including “Precision Black Pro” technology for extremely high-contrast ratios, a 2.2 channel 120W sound system, 4K upscaling, a quad-core processor for powering Smart TV applications and even voice and gesture controls. Yelling help when it crushes your family (and the dog) after a rigorous game of Wii Krav Maga will, unfortunately, be pointless.

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