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You Can Finally Buy Peak Design’s Innovative Travel Tripod

Last year we named the Peak Design Travel Tripod as one of the “best travel products” of the year.

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The Peak Design Travel Tripod was announced last year and generated a ton of hype. Heck, we named it as one of the “best travel products of 2019.” The tripod was special because it was really lightweight and it could fold up so that it was super compact; plus it could support up to a 20-pound camera rig. By all accounts, it’s the perfect travel tripod for both amateurs and pro adventure photographers — but most people couldn’t buy it.

Peak Design originally launched the Travel Tripod as a Kickstarter campaign. Many months later and after fulfilling the orders from its early backers (as well as overcoming some production delays), the Travel Tripod is finally ordered on the company’s website (as opposed to just being able to preorder it).

You can also order the Travel Tripod from other online retailers, such as REI, B&H, Adorama and Moment. However, if you order directly from Peak Designs, the company is donating all the profits generated from sales of its Travel Tripod to aid COVID relief and climate change.

As a reminder, the Peak Design Travel Tripod can be purchased in two different constructions: carbon fiber or aluminum alloy. The carbon fiber model is lighter and significantly more expensive, but both models weigh less than four pounds but can handle up to 20 pounds of camera. Also, both models will work with both DSLR or mirrorless cameras; a smartphone mount is also included.

Other than size and construction, the Travel Tripod has a couple of other innovative features that most travel tripods don’t have. For example, the Travel Tripod has latches to extend the legs instead of traditional twist locks, which makes it quicker to set up. It has a quick-release button that makes attaching and removing a camera fast and easy. And there are small levers that let you spread the legs wide for low-angle photos.

Weight: 2.81 pounds (carbon); 3.44 pounds (aluminum alloy)
Weight Capacity: 20 pounds
Dimensions (Collapsed): 15.4 x 3.1 inches

Buy Now: $350+ (Peak)Buy Now: $350+ (B&H)Buy Now: $350+ (Adorama)Buy Now: $350+ (Moment)

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