LG Hecto 100-inch Laser Smart TV

Laser beams. Why aren’t laser beams everywhere?


Laser beams. Why aren’t laser beams everywhere? It’s 2013 — we’re supposed to be living in yesteryear’s science fiction by now, right? Leave it to the not-so-mad scientists at LG to second that notion. This 100-inch Smart TV (but one of many Smart TVs from LG) has a laser diode-based light source, which means more displayable colors with richer saturation, and since lasers are, well, lasers, the picture is fast enough to practically eliminate motion blur. The console itself is a Cylon-lookin’ (in a good way) tabletop unit, all sculpted and glossy black, and projects onto the home-theater-sized, wall-mounted display.

As if having your very own viewscreen straight off the USS Enterprise isn’t enough, you basically get to control the thing (if you’ll pardon the cross-referenced metaphor) with a lightsaber. Okay, so it won’t chop anyone in half or glow or make humming sounds (humming sounds and gory death can be annoying in the middle of a movie anyhow), but the LG Magic Remote, which works with all LG Smart TVs, is a step into the television-controller future. Its simplified, minimalist design incorporates few buttons and a scroll wheel to control what is essentially a cursor, allowing you to manipulate on-screen keyboards and all other manner of premium content, games and apps — Skype, Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, et al. Sounds like the future is now after all.

Buy Now: $8,999

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