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The Ultimate Summer Music Festival Kit

Having the right gear on hand during an outdoor concert can be the difference between a weekend for the ages or an expensive lesson learned. These items cover the critical bases of comfort, connectivity, hygiene, peace of mind and style.


How you approach a summer music festival is a Rorschach test of sorts. Some thrive on meandering through the crowds in hopes of discovering the next up-and-coming talent on their own. Others prefer to maximize their weekend with a plan of attack to see the right set at every available time slot. Whatever your approach, having the right gear on hand can be the difference between a weekend for the ages or an expensive lesson learned. These items cover the critical bases of comfort, connectivity, hygiene, peace of mind and style. Better yet, most are also made right here in America.

evergrn Picnic Table, Backpack Cooler and Center Stage Rug


Establishing a comfortable basecamp doesn’t require a VIP lanyard. REI’s evergrn picnic table, backpack cooler and center stage rug are designed to pack together into one convenient festival kit. The only thing missing? 24 cans of Bud.

Buy Now: $70 (Picnic Table)$75 (backpack cooler)$70 (rug)


We’ll never condone peacocking over comfort when it comes to your festival wardrobe. Chubbies walks the line between the two in a way that those looking for a good time can approve of. They’re made to last and designed with a laser-like focus on comfort. Just remember their motto — “sky’s out, thighs out” — and apply sunscreen where necessary..

Buy Now: $60

Mophie Space Pack

Plenty of extra storage for videos and photos, plus a full extra charge, all wrapped inside a drop-protecting case, make Mophie’s Space Pack the only smartphone accessory you’ll need for the weekend.

Buy Now: $150

Filson Dry Day Pack

Keep your stuff together and protected from a dancing-induced drink spill or inclement weather with this-made-in-the-USA day pack from Filson.

Buy Now: $125

Capital Forrest Auburn Tortoise Sunglasses

Capital takes the iconic silhouette of the wayfarer to new heights by producing their Forrest Sunglasses in America by hand.

Buy Now: $165

Darn Tough Tab No Show Light Cushion Socks

Nothing ruins the vibe like a blister. The family behind Darn Tough has been making incredibly durable and functional socks in the Green Mountains of Northfield, Vermont for over 36 years. Their no-show light cushion socks are comfortable, sewn to last and will still hide well under your favorite pair of sneakers.

Buy Now: $16

Bison Made iPhone 6 Wallet

The less you have in your pockets, the less you’re likely to lose. Slide your ID, a credit card, some cash and your iPhone 6 into this American-made wallet and keep your critical essentials all in one place.

Buy Now: $85

The TrackR

Even with your valuables consolidated together, having an extra level of security doesn’t hurt. The TrackR is a small, coin-sized device that makes it easy to keep track of and recover lost items. Separation-alert capabilities will trigger a notification before you leave items behind in the first place. And if that doesn’t work, you can still use the app to locate the lost item it’s attached to and even trigger a ringtone to help you narrow your search. Just hope someone hasn’t danced it into the mud before you get there.

Buy Now: $30

Sea to Summit Tek Towel Wash Kit

Sun, the great outdoors and hordes of sweaty concert-goers mean hygiene standards will inevitably fall. Sea to Summit’s Tek Towel wash kit barely takes up space in a pack and can help you maintain a minimum baseline of comfort and cleanliness in any situation. It comes with a super absorbent towel and wash cloth, plus a bottle of Wilderness Wash soap concentrate that works as body wash, shampoo and dish or clothes detergent.

Buy Now: $30

Adventure Medical Kits UltraLight / Watertight First-Aid Kit

Accidents happen. Don’t let the search for a medic and long lines prevent you from addressing the situation before things get worse. This handy kit offers basic wound and blister management supplies in a waterproof and ultralight bag.

Buy Now: $16

Leica Q

If money were no object, there’s no question that Leica’s new Q camera is the ideal portable camera to follow you everywhere. It packs a 24-megapixel full-frame sensor, the highest-resolution electronic viewfinder ever made and a 28mm f/1.7 optical lens inside a rig that makes comparably equipped rigs look like they were designed for Andre the Giant’s hands.

Buy Now: $4,250

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