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Pro-Ject's Most Popular Audiophile Turntable Just Got a Great Hi-Fi Upgrade

The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evolution is a new and improved version of the company's most popular audiophile turntable.

pro ject debut carbon evolution

Pro-Ject is an Austrian hi-fi company that's best known for making high-performing, relatively affordable turntables. Take the Pro-Ject Primary E Phono, for example: a great entry-level turntable with a built-in phono for around $300, like the .

The company's most popular turntable is its Debut Carbon DC, which starts at $399. It's a belt-driven manual turntable that's made of high-quality materials and components and widely considered one of the best entry-level turntables for new or aspiring audiophiles. Now, the company has released a new and improved version of that Debut Carbon DC turntable. It's called the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evolution.

The all-new Debut Carbon Evolution starts at $499, which is $100 more expensive than the regular Debut Carbon DC and features most of the same bones as the rest of the Debut line, such as the same platter and the same one-piece carbon fiber tonearm that can work with pretty much any phono cartridge (in case you want to upgrade down the road). But the new model comes with a couple key improvements.

The Evolution is the first Debut Carbon turntable to come with a higher-end Sumiko Rainier phono cartridge ($149), instead of the Ortofon 2M Red ($99).

Instead of the Ortofon 2M Red ($99) phono cartridge that comes with all other Debut turntables, the Debut Carbon Evolution is the first to come with the higher-end Sumiko Rainier ($149) phono cartridge . It features an improved motor suspension system, as well as wider feet, both of which should help reduce vibration and distortion. The platter has been updated with a new TPE dampening ring, to again reduce vibration and distortion.

The last big upgrade is that Pro-Ject is offering the Debut Carbon Evolution in a grand total of nine different finishes, that are either high-gloss or matte pastel. You'll be able to buy it in gloss red, gloss white, piano black, satin black, satin blue, satin green, satin walnut, satin white or satin yellow.

The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evolution will be available for purchase this September.

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