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Bang & Olufsen Brought Its Iconic Turntable Back to Life — And It's Stunning

Bang & Olufsen has introduced the Beogram 4000c turntable, a restored and upgraded version of its iconic turntable from the 1970s.

bang  olufsen beogram 4000c
Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen just announced an exceptional turntable that most of us will probably never get a chance to experience. But that doesn't mean we can't lust after it.

The Beogram 4000c is a revived and upgraded version of Bang & Olufsen's iconic Beogram 4000 turntable from the 1970s. And it's actually the first product to launch in the brand’s new Classics initiative, where they restore, revive and upgrade old pre-owned audio products in the factories that they were originally created.

This means that each Beogram 4000c turntable is actually made from parts and components taken from an original Beogram 4000. And naturally, this makes each Beogram 4000c very rare and expensive. Bang & Olufsen is only making 95 Beogram 4000c models in total, and each one will cost $11,000.

bang  olufsen beogram 4000c
Bang & Olufsen

As mentioned, Bang & Olufsen gave the Beogram 4000c more than just a tune-up job and fresh coat of polish (although it has been polished with a new champagne tone, which the company claims is "warmer" and gives the surface a new "subtle glow"). The revived models have been given a RIAA phono pre-amplifier with phono and 3.5mm line-in connections, meaning it's easy to connect to most new-age speakers, receivers and amplifiers.

They've also upgraded the Beogram 4000c with a new high-performance stylus and an electronic tangential-tracking tonearm, the latter of which allows the turntable to automatically move the stylus to make sure its perfectly aligned the record's groove.

The Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4000c turntable will be available for purchase starting October 19.

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