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Klipsch’s Legendary Heritage Speakers, Now in Matte Black

Monochrome your home’s sound system with these classic speakers.


The Klipsch Heresy floor-standing speakers are part of the company’s famed Heritage series; they date back to the 50s and each speaker is handbuilt at the company’s Arkansas factories. Last year, we reviewed the Heresy III (the most recent iteration of the Heresy speaker), hooking them up to a Sonos Connect:Amp, and loved the classic look of the speakers combined with the convenience of streaming music.

If you like the style and sound of these compact three-way speakers, not to mention the size (they’re compact for floor-standing speakers, only standing about 2-feet tall), Klipsch just announced a special edition of these Heresy III. As noted by Sound & Vision, the special edition speakers have a matte black finish and a titanium-finish satin grille cloth.

For anybody who didn’t want to the classic wooden look, but wanted Klipsch’s classic sound, the color of these special edition speakers will better match your monochrome sound system. It’s unclear how many of these matte black Heresy III speakers the company will produce, but it’ll be limited. Klipsch claims that each will come with a small plaque on the back that’s signed by the craftsman.

It’s also unclear how much they expensive these speakers will be, but it’s unlikely that they’ll be any cheaper than a pair of regular Heresy III speakers ($2,598). You can find out more by visiting the company’s website.

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