One of the Best Compact Hi-Fi Speakers Is Even Better All Blacked Out

The Devialet Phantom Reactor is a speaker that’s meant to be heard and seen.


Since it was released at the tail-end of 2018, Devialet’s Phantom Reactor ($1,090+), the smallest wireless speaker in the company’s Phantom lineup, was only available in white. In fact, all of Devialet’s beautiful-yet-alien-looking speakers only came in white. But as of today, that’s changing. Devialet just announced that the Phantom Reactor would be its first speaker to be available in the color that most people wanted: matte black.

Like before, the Phantom Reactor comes in two different models that look identical. There’s the 600-watt model, which costs $1,090, and the 900-watt model, which costs $1,350. The new matte black finish is available right now in both speaker models. Both the white and matte black finishes cost the same.

If you’ve never experienced one of Devialet’s Phantom speakers before, know that it’s pretty incredible, almost visceral. The speaker’s most mesmerizing feature is its two opposing woofers, which pulsate against one another, in perfect symmetry, without ever touching, and are able to deliver really deep and punchy bass – it’s a speaker that is meant to be heard and seen. The speaker supports Bluetooth, Airplay and Spotify Connect, and through the Devialet app, you can sync it with other Devialet speakers in a multiroom or stereo system.

As for the differences between the Phantom Reactor and its older, larger sibling, the original Phantom ($1,790+), there are just a few things. Obviously there’s the size difference; the Phantom Reactor is four times smaller. And the Phantom Reactor only has one full-range driver, where the larger Phantom has one midrange driver and one tweeter, meaning the smaller Phantom isn’t as loud and it isn’t able to quite achieve the audio quality.

For a more robust analysis, check out our full review of the Devialet Phantom Reactor, here.

Buy Now: $1,090 (Reactor 600)Buy Now: $1,350 (Reactor 900)

Review: Devialet Phantom Reactor

We review the Devialet Phantom Reactor, a wireless hi-fi speaker that’s a smaller and more affordable version of the company’s other Phantoms. Read the Story

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