Upgrade Your Laptop’s Sound Quality with This Cheap Hi-Fi Accessory, Now in Matte Black

Everybody who wants to improve their desktop audio situation, for cheap, should buy this headphone amp/DAC.


We’ve covered Schiit Audio extensively over the past few years because, frankly, they’re great. The small California audio company makes a variety of high-performing DACs and amplifiers, for desktops and home hi-fi setups, and it sells them at really reasonable prices thanks to its direct-to-consumer business model.

For years, the company’s most affordable product has been the Fulla, a beautiful headphone amp and a DAC that everybody who wants to improve their desktop audio situation, for cheap, should buy. The Fulla costs $99 and it plugs directly into your laptop or desktop. From there, you can use it as a DAC/amp with wired headphones. Or you can use it as a DAC/preamp for a nice pair of powered monitors.

As of yesterday, the company announced the third-generation model of its Fulla — the Fulla 3 — and it’s noticeably different. It’s aluminum body now has more of a matte black finish, instead of the old polished silver. And the Fulla 3 adds a high-quality microphone input, meaning it can be used with most high-end gaming headphones.

As for its price and other internals, those remain the same. The Fulla 3 is available now for $99.

Buy Now: $99

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