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11 Ways to Up Your Hi-Fi Game for $25 or Less

We've rounded up the best hi-fi accessories and add-ons that cost under $25. From speaker stands to cables, streaming adapters to record cleaning kits.

speaker monitor foam
Sound Addicted

Most people don't associate"hi-fi" with "cheap," and it's for a good reason: high fidelity typically demands high-quality components. That said, if you're somebody who already has a hi-fi system, whether it's entry-level or pretty robust, there are some affordable accessories and add-ons that can get more out of your setup. Here are some of our favorites, all under $25.

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1 Elevation Lab The Anchor - The Original Under-Desk Headphone Stand Mount | Gaming Headset, Over Ear Headphones Hook, Universal Dual Fit | Patented
Elevation Lab
Elevation Lab amazon.com
$11.95 (37% off)

The isn't a traditional headphone stand. It sticks to the bottom of your desk so that you can hopefully stay better organized. 

2 AUKEY Bluetooth 5 Receiver Wireless Audio Music Adapter A2DP with 18 Hours Playtime, Hands-Free Calling and 3.5mm Stereo Jack for Home and Car Audio System (Upgrade)
AUKEY amazon.com
$15.99 (20% off)

If you have an old receiver, this Bluetooth adapter will help you bring your old hi-fi system into the streaming age.

3 Carbon Fiber Anti-Static Record Brush - Black
Turntable Lab
Turntable Lab turntablelab.com

This nifty brush helps remove dirt, dust and static electricity from your records  so that they can sound their best.

4 LP Dividers (10 Units)
Record Supply Co
Record Supply Co turntablelab.com

For anybody with a large record collection, these simple dividers will be a great add-on to help them be better organized.

5 Stylus Pressure Gauge
Ortofon audioadvice.com

This is a simple tool to gauge the stylus's tracking force on your turntable.

6 Sound Addicted - Studio Monitor Isolation Pads for 5 Inch Monitors, Pair of Two High Density Acoustic Foam which Fits most Speaker Stands | SMPad 5
Sound Addicted
Sound Addicted amazon.com

These isolating pads will work with most desktop speakers and, in addition to giving them extra high, they also eliminate the "rattle" and distortion that comes with loud music.

7 Vinyl Record Shelf Wall Mount (natural)
Lumiwood amazon.com

Think of this as a picture frame for the record that's playing. Position it right above your turntable and you'll have a suitably analog "now playing" indicator.

8 Monolith Digital Coaxial M/M Audio Cable - 1 Meter - 18AWG with Nylon Braided Jacket, Oxygen-Free Solid Core Conductors, 24K Gold-Plated Connectors
Monolith amazon.com

Everybody could use a good ole coaxial cable for their hi-fi system. This one, with silver-plated conductors and an RG-6 construction, is just better than most.

9 Acrylic Turntable Mat – BlueLit – LP Slipmat
Hudson Hi-Fi
Hudson Hi-Fi amazon.com

A turntable mat is a quick-and-easy way to improve the sound quality of a record. This one is blue and see-through, and pretty darn cool.

10 Hudson Hi-Fi Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit - Complete 9 in 1 Vinyl Record Cleaner Kit - All Essential Vinyl Record Player Accessories for a Record Cleaning System
Hudson Hi-Fi
Hudson Hi-Fi amazon.com

This is a simple and useful record cleaning kit. It has all you need, including microfiber cloths, brushes, cleaning solutions and even a stylus cleaner.

11 Record Weight Stabilizer by FEMELI,Turntable Weight Clamps-Low Profile to Fits Under Dust Cover of Turntable Vinyl Disc LP Record Player (Black)
FEMELI amazon.com
$24.99 (11% off)

A  weight stabilizer helps if you have older records that are a little warped. It essentially helps flatten the record so it plays more smoothly. 

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