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The 5 Best Screen Protectors for Your New iPhone

Most iPhone cases don't protect that well against cracked screens. That's what a screen protector is for.

best screen protectors

Most iPhone cases don't protect your screen. Or rather, they don't protect them that well. Many cases have bumpers that do a good job of protecting your iPhone's display in the event that you drop it, but if you bump into something or drop something on your iPhone, there's very little to protect the glass from getting cracked. That's where a screen protector comes in.

A screen protector is a thin slice of engineer glass that sticks to directly on your iPhone's screen and protects it from getting a cracked screen. You'll notice that the price of screen protectors for your iPhone can vary quite considerably. And the reason for this many has to do with the advanced engineering and features that each screen protector promises.

What to Look for

Does it cover the entire screen? Some screen protectors don't cover the entire iPhone screen as they leave a cutout for the notch. If there's a cutout then it leaves the front camera system vulnerable to scratches.

Specially-engineered features: The more expensive screen protectors tend be made of engineered glass with special properties, such as glare protection, privacy protection and an antimicrobial finish. The more feature-packed the screen protector, the more expensive it likely is.

Installation kits: If you've ever put a screen protector on your smartphone, you'll know that by far the scariest part is actually installing it so that's aligned correctly and there aren't any bubbles underneath. Most screen protectors come with fairly straightforward installation kits, but if you are extra worried you can actually go to some electronics stores (like Best Buy) and have them install it for a small fee.

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1 InvisibleShield Glass XTR Screen Protector

InvisibleShield is arguably the biggest name in smartphone screen protection. And its Glass XTR is so expensive compared to other models because it's stronger, provides complete screen protector (including the front facing camera) and has built-in technology, like a anti-microbial finish and a blue light filter.

2 Belkin Anti-Glare Screen Protector

Belkin and Apple have a close relationship and this is actually one of the few screen protectors that Apple sells. It's thin and fairly inexpensive, and ads a anti-glare finish to prevent glare when looking at your phone outside.

3 InvisibleShield Glass Elite VisionGuard

The Glass Elite VisionGuard is very similar to InvisibleShield's Glass XTR screen protector (above) in that it's anti-microbial and has a blue light filter. It's a little more affordable, however, mainly do the fact that it doesn't protect the screen completely — the front-facing camera system is still exposed.

4 Speck Shieldview Glass

Speck's screen protector is strong, super thin and has an antimicrobial coating. It also comes with a little kit that makes adhering it to your iPhone's display pretty simple. It does not cover the front-facing camera system.

5 Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Spigen offers an affordable screen protector for any iPhone 13 model (as well as older iPhone models). It's super easy to install thanks to the fact that it comes with plastic tray (shown in the photo) that helps you align the screen projector just right. The only potential downside is that it doesn't cover the front-facing camera.

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