Timekeeping: Linde Werdelin SpidoLite SA

Mechanical Meets Modern


If Bruce Wayne or his nocturnal counterpart, the Dark Knight, selected a watch he’d feel comfortable wearing with either ego, we’ve got a good notion it would be the Linde Werdelin SpidoLite SA. The SpidoLite SA is one of those rare combinations of proper classic mechanical watchmaking and modern technology. Since the droolfest, known as Basel World, it has been firmly planted on our Holy Grail of Watches Wishlist. With a perfect storm of opportunity, reputation, and a recommendation (big thanks to Ben Clymer from Hodinkee), we had the opportunity to get Linde Werdelin’s most advanced model, the SpidoLite SA into the Gear Patrol Labs. Our take? Gotham goodness.

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The history behind the SpidoLite SA is a simple story. One sentence simple. When Linde Werdelin sponsored mountain climber Leo Houlding returned from Everest pleased with the performance of his Linde Werdelin, but requesting it if could be made lighter. Linde Werdelin was more than excited to accept the the challenge. Result? The SpideLite SA.

Starting with a block of super light titanium, Linde Werdelin set about skeletonizing the case. Shaving away as much excess titanium as possible while still maintaining its integrity. The results are not only a featherlight watch, but one that is stunning to look (drool) at (on), in addition to being an engineering masterpiece. The finish on the case is a near-gunmetal gray, not dissimilar to older military watches we’ve seen here at Gear Patrol, almost as if parkerized. It gives the SpidoLite SA a very unique look, only adding to its tactical/stealth bomber appearance (Dark Knight approved).

The SpidoLite SA is powered by a vintage 1970’s A.S Caliber 1876 movement that’s been modified by Svend Andersen (hence, the “SA”). The beautifully finished movement clearly displays its exclusive blue gold rotor through the sapphire crystal caseback, and a skeleton dial lets you sneak a peak at the normally reclusive front of the movement. For the strap, Linde Werdelin has equipped the SpidoLite SA with a water resistant alligator leather strap, attached by allen screws. We found it to be very comfortable despite its thickness. If there were a nitpick we had to offer, it would be our wish for Linde Werdelin to provide an option to have a titanium deployment mechanism.

Like the rest of the Linde Werdelin line, the SpidoLite SA adheres to founder Morten Linde’s ethos, “Analogue is how you read time; digital is how you assimilate information”. Well said. As such, it is built to seamlessly integrate with two add on instruments called “The Rock” (Nick Cage not included) and “The Reef” for your expeditions on the mountain or the ocean. A great idea that we wouldn’t be surprised to see popping up with other manufacturers in the future.

Linde Werdelin was founded with the idea of creating the ultimate modern sports watch. After spending a business week with it we’d say they’ve done it with the SpidoLite SA. It’s an incredible example of contemporary watch making, and is officially planted on our Holy Grail Watch wish list. But don’t take our word for it, Linde Werdelin is happy to let you audition one of their timepieces through their Try It Program.

Author’s Note: If you’re ready to take the jump for a SpidoLite or any Linde Werdelin contact TWI: Totally Worth It, they’re the exclusive distributor of Linde Werdelin to the US. Tell them GP says hi.


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