Daydream Projects Black Limited Edition Rolex

Once You Go Black...


The cost of a vintage, or modern, Rolex comes with a price tag, but you’ve heard it a hundred times over, “it’s an investment.” Well, for those of you seeking an investment, specifically a unique one, New York based Daydreamer Projects (great name, btw) Black Limited Edition may be your ticket. Taking pre-1990 Rolex timepieces and converting them to matte-black subtly stunning wrist decor using a special metal treatment procedure used in military and medical equipment. Only 50 pieces of the 6 Rolex variation (Sea-Dweller, Explorer, Submariner, GMT Master, GMT Master II, Explorer II) are offered.

Okay, grab a kleenex to wipe the drool off your face as you peruse more of Black Limited Edition’s Rolex conversions after the jump. Our favorites? The GMT “Pepsi-Dial” GMT Master II and utterly classic understated Explorer Rolex (shown above).

Buy Now: $12,000+

Daydream Projects Black Limited Edition Rolex

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