Introducing: The 50 Greatest Watches of All Time

Our list of the 50 greatest watches will be released day by day this week, 10 at a time.

50 greatest watches
Gear Patrol

What makes a watch great?

Good question. In our minds, a great watch should have a mix of compelling features, influence upon the watch industry or fashion and lasting popularity. It could have one of these traits or a mix of them — or, it might be an otherwise historically important timepiece that's largely overlooked by the average collector.

This week, we're running a new series detailing our picks for the 50 greatest watches of all time. That's it — 50. No more, no less, culminating in the Greatest Watch of All Time (the GWOAT, if you will).

So be on the lookout for the first entry, and don't forget to check back each day this week, as we count down to what we believe is the best, most iconic, most beautiful, most utilitarian, most..., you get it.






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