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Timex's Classic Digital Watch Gets a Colorful New Look

The Timex T80, with its retro appeal and digital display, is available in two new versions with a rainbow motif.

timex t80 rainbow

It's not your imagination: rainbow-themed watches are "a thing" recently. Now, joining their ranks is a new version of Timex's retro-digital watch, the T80, with vertical bands of color smack down the center of its face. Whether celebrating Pride or simply rocking a casual and colorful summer watch, you're sure to love Timex 's affordable and fun new wrist candy.

Measuring 34mm wide with a winning vintage-styled bracelet design, the T80 is powered by a quartz movement featuring chronograph, alarm and other useful functionality. Of course, it's also got the brand's signature Indiglow illumination. Available in silver or gold-toned variations, both have the same price of just $65 from the brand online.

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