This Unconventional Watch Offers a Rare Feature for Its Price

The new Xeric Vendetta features a complicated and fascinating way of displaying the time, usually reserved only for high-end watches.

xeric vendetta watch

You won't find a traditional-looking watch in Xeric's catalog. Inspired by some of the funkiest designs of the 1960s and 1970s in particular, the independent brand is characterized by surprising looks and unique ways of displaying the time. Xeric's new Vendetta watch not only incorporates this approach with the historic wandering hours complication, but offers it at an unusually accessible price.

The wandering hours is an odd but fascinating complication in which the hour is displayed on the minute hand itself. In Xeric's Vendetta, three hands each carry a disk with four numbers which turn to indicate the current hour and point to the current minute along a track at the bottom third of the dial.

While watches with this feature often come from high-end brands and cost five to six figures, Xeric typically aims for affordability. The automatic movement inside is based on the simple but robust and well-made Miyota 90S5 with significant modifications (obviously). While the time is displayed at the bottom of the dial, Xeric left the rest of the dial visible through smoked glass so you can observe the disks as they change at 12 o'clock — a very cool effect.

Another unusual touch is that the second crown at 2 o'clock on the case side, which can be used to change the color and type of minute track and thereby the look of the watch. All this functionality is housed within a chunky 46mm-wide case, will should offer a bold wrist presence.

The Vendetta is available in a range of available color variations and case finishes, each of which is limited to 75 examples and has a preorder price of $1,250 ($500 less than eventual retail).

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