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You Can Now Get the Rolex Coke Bezel Look for the Price of a Timex

The popular Q Timex line expands with a "Coke" colorway and two gold-toned models.

timex q

The Q Timex was a smash hit when it debuted in 2019 with a "Pepsi" bezel — the nickname for a half-blue, half-red bezel like that of the Rolex GMT Master. Its popularity has led to it blossoming into a full collection, and now on the heels of more colors announced earlier this year come three new versions with gold toned cases as well as a red-and-black-bezeled "Coke" version.

The Coke model differs from the Pepsi not only in the color of its bezel, but it also features a black dial instead of a blue one. It's otherwise the same as the original reissue, however, with a 38mm steel case and very retro bracelet, powered by a quartz movement as the "Q" in its name proudly advertises. The other two new models feature gold-toned cases of yellow and rose gold. Both also feature the bicolor bezels (and paired dial colors) but the blingy case finishings take center stage.

A total of seven variations of the Q are currently available from Timex for a price of $179 in steel or $189 for the gold-toned models.

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