Zodiac’s New World Time Calls to Mind Wanderlust and International Travel

The Swiss brand just released the Super Sea Wolf World Time Limited Edition, based on a classic watch from the 1970s.

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Picture an international traveler. Chances are, they're dressed well, value style and undoubtedly have a world time watch strapped to their wrist. World time watches have a rich history in watchmaking, and were originally developed to make it easy for frequent travelers to keep track of time zones across the globe. And while we may have the internet and our cell phones to help us do that today, the nostalgia and simple practicality of a watch with a world time bezel harkens back to a time when dressing up for a flight was common practice, and you were greeted with a glass of champagne as you took your seat. It's with this nostalgia and wanderlust that Zodiac is re-releasing a watch from its archive, a reissue of its 1970 World Time Automatic.

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The new watch, dubbed the Super Sea Wolf World Time Limited Edition, maintains the classic look of the 1970 edition, but brings it up to date in a flightworthy package at home on the wrist of even the most discerning traveler.

The watch features a number of notable upgrades over the original release, including a more legible bezel highlighting 24 cities. Versions of the original bezel highlighted a handful more cities (up to 28 in some cases), and the pared-down execution of the bezel on the Super Sea Wolf World Time Limited Edition keeps things clean and legible. It also features a slightly larger case diameter at 40mm over the 36mm of the 1970s edition. Not only does this allow more breathing room for the dial, 24-hour inner chapter ring and world time bezel, but it also keeps things wearable by not going too large.

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What sets the Super Sea Wolf World Time Limited Edition apart from some of its competitors is that it features both a traditional universal GMT tracker (via the inner 24-hour chapter ring and GMT hand) and a world time rotating bezel. Together, you can easily keep track of a second time zone by rotating the bezel to correspond with the GMT hand. Whether you're doing business abroad, heading out on a well-earned vacation or simply keeping in touch with family and friends in other parts of the globe, it's an incredibly functional complication to have at hand.

Behind the dial, the Super Sea Wolf World Time Limited Edition gets a significant upgrade over the 1970 World Time as well. Instead of a Cal.75 17 jewel automatic movement, the watch is powered by a reliable Soprod C125 automatic movement. That's housed inside a 40mm stainless steel case, with a thickness of 14mm and a lug width of 20mm. Like the original, the Super Sea Wolf World Time Limited Edition is water-resistant to 20 ATM.

Each of the noteworthy upgrades factors into a watch that's the perfect companion for upcoming travel, and doesn't sacrifice on classic style that's sure to complement your wardrobe.

Price: $1,795


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