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This Is the Affordable Watch To Gift This Holiday Season

Hodinkee and Swatch have partnered yet again on a playful new version of the famous Sistem51 watch.

hodinkee swatch sistem51
Hodinkee Shop

For the fifth time, watch website and retailer Hodinkee has partnered with Swatch on a fun, colorful creation that's both affordable and watch-snob-friendly. With the celebrated Sistem51 model as its base, Hodinkee has taken inspiration from a Swatch model from 1990 and given it a fresh redesign. The result is a throwback to this decade and the Swatch watches many watch collectors remember fondly.

The Sistem51 got the watch world's attention as the first mechanical watch produced with a completely automated process. Further, it contains only 51 parts, most of which are plastic, and the resulting watches usually cost under $200 and boast a Swiss Made designation. True to Swatch form, they're also mixed and matched endlessly with playful design iterations.

The 42mm plastic case of the Swatch Sistem51 Hodinkee Generation 1990, as it's called, has a deep green hue and is matched to a navy blue dial. (Look closer, and you'll notice that the markings on the dial's periphery are pink.) Most notable, however, is the "California dial," meaning that half the numerals are Roman and the other half are Arabic for a distinctive look.

Available now from the Hodinkee Shop on a matching green leather strap, the Swatch Sistem51 Hodinkee Generation 1990 costs $170. Have someone who could use a watch? This is the gift to give them.


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