Two Iconic Bauhaus Watches Return

Less, but better.


In 1989, iconic German brand Braun launched its first analog wristwatch, the AW10: a small, minimal timepiece designed by legendary German designer Dietrich Lubs. Two years later, Lubs took the AW10 to its next logical step, removing the numerals and minute markers from the original design to make the AW50. Now, nearly three decades later, Braun has enlisted Lubs’s help to reissue both Bauhaus classics.

The new AW10 and AW50 don’t stray too far from the originals. Both are only 33.3mm in diameter (same as the originals, and absolutely tiny compared to today’s standards) and both retain the stand-out design elements of the originals: Helvetica numerals and a yellow seconds hand for the AW10; a red chevron at the date window for the AW50. Both watches feature a Swiss-made quartz movement and will come affixed to black leather straps. Both watches will be available in August and will retail for $290.

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