Everything You Could Possibly Want to Know About Dress Watches

Whether you're shopping or exploring, delve in to the world of elegant dress watches here.

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Yes — the handsome, classical type of design we call the "dress watch" is still relevant. You might like your casual styles and sporty tool watches, but it's hard to deny the archetypal appeal of that which is simple and elegant. Spanning every imaginable price level and varying broadly in form and function, dress watches take many different shapes. So what makes the right dress watch for you?

There's no simple answer. If you're a hardcore tool watch guy, you may want something inexpensive to keep in a drawer for formal occasions — or you might relish rocking a vintage Omega DeVille with jeans and a T-shirt. There are no rules, but there's a lot to consider, from price and complications to case material and size. And there's a lot to discover, from prestigious brands' dress watches to independents doing great things.

Below you'll find the topics related to dress watches you'll want to consider: We break down everything from Patek Philippe's Calatrava and perpetual calendars to vintage and modern Rolex. Whether shopping or exploring, this is where you can delve in to the world of dress watches of all kinds.

The Best Dress Watches for Men

best dress watches gear patrol lead full

From $1,000 to $20,000 and everything in between.


5 Classy Dress Watches Under $1,000

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A great dress watch doesn't have to cost as much as a car.


5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Dress Watch

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A good dress watch can cost a pretty penny. We help steer you towards the right purchase by asking yourself these simple questions.


Everything You Need to Know to Buy a Rolex Datejust

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Rolex; HQ Milton

The Rolex Datejust, in continuous production since 1945, is one of the most popular watches in the world.


A Brief Guide to Affordable Vintage Rolex Watches

affordable vintage rolex

From Air Kings to Oyster Perpetuals, these are the Rollies you can buy without taking out a HELOC.


A Brief Guide to Vintage Omega Watches

vintage omega
Those Watch Guys

From Seamasters to DeVilles and more, vintage Omega is where you'll find some of the greatest dress watches ever.


What Makes the Cartier Tank the Quintessential Dress Watch?

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Analog / Shift

The Tank is one of the most elegant and iconic watches ever made, but it owes its significance to more than a just great design.


Want a Cartier Tank? Here Are Three Worthy Alternatives for Less

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These three dress watches offer attractive alternatives to the Cartier Tank experience, with classic looks that stand out among so many round watches.


Why a $22,000 Entry-Level Dress Watch Is Worth Every Penny

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Hunter D. Kelley

The Calatrava is the quintessential Patek Philippe, and perhaps even the quintessential dress watch, period.


Three Affordable Alternatives to the Patek Philippe Calatrava

wtgt patek

The Calatrava is perhaps the platonic ideal of the dress watch — but they ain't cheap. Here are a few watches with a similar look for much less scratch.


These Perpetual Calendars Are Some of the Best Watches from Patek Philippe

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Patek Philippe’s complicated watchmaking is famous the world over, and their mechanical perpetual calendars are the stars of their catalog.


The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Brought Two Companies Together to Form a Juggernaut of the Watch Industry

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Brenden Clarke

One of the world's most famous dress watches is celebrating a big anniversary with a brand new model.


Is This the Vintage-Styled Dress Watch to Rule Them All?

rado golden horse
Zen Love

We review the Rado Golden Horse 1957: a near exact reproduction of a vintage watch that hits all the right modern notes.


Five Of the Best Affordable Dress Watches Worth Investing In

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Hunter Kelley

Handsome, mechanically-powered watches from Oris, Longines, Seiko and more.


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