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The Best Watch Magazines, Zines and Journals

Sometimes you just want a good, ol' fashioned, physical thing to read.

best watch magazines
Gear Patrol

Don't get us wrong: We think you should read Gear Patrol for all your watch-related news. And, of course, our friends at great sites like HODINKEE, Worn & Wound, etc, etc, etc. We read 'em all, personally.

But sometimes, you just want a good, ol' fashioned, physical thing to read. You know, like a a magazine, or a zine, or a journal or something. One of those things that looks great on your coffee table. (Such as, you know, the print version of Gear Patrol.)

So here's a short list of some of our favorite watch-related print media. Some of it's from the established watch media, and some of it's zines from watch brands, and some of it's, well, other stuff. But it's all fun stuff, and makes for great reading. Check it out!

GP-1/0, Issue 1

Guinea Pig One/Zero isn't necessarily (only) about watches, but it does serve as an extension of American watch brand MK II's ethos (read: experimental, experiential). Expect cool stories and explorations of the outdoors, entrepreneurship, history, and more.

Hodinkee Shop
HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 7

If you love watches — and cars, and hi-fi, and nice shit in general — than this is the magazine for you. Beautifully designed and photographed, HODINKEE's print publication is a must-read exploration of watches and the communities surrounding them.

Revolution USA 2 Year Subscription

Revolution is one of the best dedicated watch websites in the 'biz — but their print magazine is worth shelling out the extra bucks for. If you're into watches — especially stories about cool independent brands from all over the world — subscribe right meow.

Gear Patrol
Gear Patrol Annual Magazine Subscription

What, you thought we weren't gonna plug our own magazine? LOL. If you like watches, we do watches. Like, in-depth, glossy, journalistic, inside-scoop sorta stuff. We also do tech, cars, style, food and drink, outdoors and fitness, homewares, and plenty more.

WatchTime All Access Subscription
Reviews watchtime-shop.com

WatchTime has been producing some of the most compelling watch-related content since 1999. Their print magazine is perfect for those who crave in-depth reporting about everything from the big Swiss brands to independents and everything in between.

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