Green Watches Are Hot Right Now — And This Might Be One of the Best Recent Examples

A new teal dial gives TAG Heuer's classic Carrera a fresh, forward-looking feel.


Of course, the idea of green watch dials isn't exactly new. But green seems to be the official it color of 2021 — and if you didn't already feel like your collection needed some verdancy, this striking new limited edition from TAG Heuer just might convince you. It takes the classic, 1960s form of the brand's famous Carrera racing chronograph and gives it a particularly vibrant look.

Green, of course, is a wide color spectrum that can manifest on watch dials in a range of hues — and they can further change according to how light hits them. TAG calls this dial color "teal," and has given it a sunburst treatment, meaning it has a radially brushed finish that will show light and dark shades at any given time you look at it.

The choice of beige lume provides an interesting contrast and emphasizes that this model is based on the vintage Carrera from 1964 reintroduced in 2020 as a tribute.


Though it features the same elegantly legible design as the original Carrera with its angular lugs and raised "glass box" crystal, the modern version is three millimeters wider at 39mm and powered by an automatic movement. (The original was manually wound.) Said movement is the in-house TAG Heuer 02 caliber, and it can — unlike that of the original watch — be viewed through a sapphire case back window.

You don't often find aesthetic dial elements echoed in the movement itself at this price level, but many will appreciate seeing some pops of green on the movement's rotor and even highlighting the surface of the column wheel. (A recent TAG Heuer Monaco received a similar treatment).

This variation of the Carrera isn't just an example of the green-dial trend, however — it's also part of how brands are evolving their vintage reissues to create fresh designs and more modern-feeling watches while simultaneously giving fans the echoes of vintage they seem to desire. TAG has done it before, and so have brands like Zenith: they've taken the best elements of successful designs (including relatively vintage sizing) and given them a forward-looking character.

Limited to 500 examples and available only from brand boutiques or official online retail, the teal-dial TAG Heuer Carrera (ref. CBK221F.FC6479) comes on a black alligator strap for a price of $6,650.


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