Here’s That $200,000 Pokémon Watch You Didn’t Ask For

It’s easy to collect them all when there’s just the one.


Rodger let out a wistful sigh as he fondled his first-edition holographic Charizard, safely encased in its holder. He had been working on the Henderson account for hours, long after his colleagues had left the building. He was gunning for a promotion and wanted to be the firm’s very best — he knew it was his destiny. The night crew arrived to vacuum the floors and wipe down the computer monitors. Feeling somewhat anxious, Roger looked at his wrist to check the time.

9:32. Damn.

But with the realization of the time, Rodger felt a growing calm inside him. He gazed, somewhat entranced, at the soothing whirl of his watch’s tourbillon, held firmly in place by the gorgeous lightning bolt–shaped bridge. He smirked, has he gazed upon the enamel figures gracing his watch’s vivid dial. All his friends were there: Charmander, Eevee, Squirtle and, yes, even Magikarp. And of course Pikachu was there, front and center, his beaming smile exuding a certain joie de vivre and a sense of peace — as if he were saying to Rodger, “I choose you.”

The watch had cost Rodger $200,000, but he was the only one in the world to possess it. To him, it was worth every penny.

Rodger snapped out of his trance and noticed the time: 9:58. Damn. Better get back to work on the Henderson account.

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