Andy Warhol's Patek Philippe Watch Can Be Yours, But Act Fast

Christie's online auction includes a classic dress watch once owned by the American artist.


One of the most celebrated names in 20th century art, together with one of the most prestigious names in watchmaking, adds up to an auction lot that's sure to grab your attention. That's what Christie's is offering with Andy Warhol's Patek Philippe Calatrava today — and the watch is estimated to go for between $45,000 and $95,000.

In addition to Warhol and Patek, this particular gold Calatrava reference 570 has another name associated with it: Hausmann & Co. This Italian retailer might not be as well known, but its wordmark on the dial makes the watch even more interesting, as it's what collectors refer to as a "double-signed" watch. Something like the collab watches of their day, vintage examples with the name or logo of a second company on the dial can imbue a watch with story, character and interesting provenance.

Andy Warhol is known to have had an impressive watch collection and is quoted as saying that he wears a Cartier Tank without even winding it simply because "it's the watch to wear."

In addition to this Calatrava, Warhol known to have had other Pateks, Rolexes and Piagets as well — he's thought to have once owned over 300 watches. The manually wound Calatrava for auction from Christie's is 18k gold, measures 35.5mm and is dated to 1954, and its formal, elegant style provides an interesting contrast to the artist's playful style.

All 117 of the rare and interesting lots from Christie's "Watches Online: the York Edition" auction are available to view and bid on right now, from June 8th, through June 22, 2021.


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