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Still Waiting for Your Rolex GMT? This Watch Might Tide You Over

It's fun, keeps time, and you can get it right now.


Sometimes, you might crave a Pepsi, but have to settle for an RC Cola. Or, in this case, you might want the expensive and difficult-to-get-your-hands-on-anyway Rolex GMT Master II with its cola-brand-red-and-blue bezel, nicknamed the "Pepsi" — and, in this metaphor, RC Cola is an affordable new quartz GMT watch in Timex's Waterbury collection.

The bi-colored bezel — which signifies day and night on a 24-hour scale — will always refer back to the original GMT watch from Rolex. Many other watchmakers have employed this colorway and concept before (including Timex itself), however, and Timex nods to its popularity by calling this model the "Traditional GMT." The overall look will be familiar to Rolex fans at first sight, but Timex has added multiple touches of its own.

This is a notably colorful take on the GMT, with a two-tone approach mixing both steel and gold-toned elements in addition to the Pepsi colors which extend to the blue dial with its red GMT hand (plus, a green seconds hand). Both the "traditional" GMT look as well as the gold-and-steel combo lend a retro feel that fits well with the current trend, and that's further supported by a moderate 39mm case diameter and the brand's original Waterbury logo found on the dial, crown and seconds hand counterweight. The pusher at 2 o'clock is used to adjust the GMT (second time zone) hand.


The new Timex Waterbury Traditional GMT is available on a leather strap for a price of $189, or you can double down on the two-tone look and go for a steel bracelet with gold-toned center links for $219. It might not be as refreshing as a Rolex Pepsi, but Timex offers something that's fun, good-looking, affordable — and that you can have right now.


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