Become a Patek Philippe Collector Without Having to Leave Your Couch

A two-tone Nautilus, two steel Calatravas, a 1950s perpetual calendar and more.

Though vintage Rolex tool watches are quickly becoming some of the most sought-after watches in the auction world, Patek Philippes have always been essential watches for high-end collectors, and will likely continue to be for some time. With that said, if you’ve been wanting to get into old-school Pateks (or just want to amass more for your collection), Christie’s is currently running an online auction filled to the brim with some understated classics from the Swiss watchmaking giant.

Here are some highlights: A two-tone Nautilus from 1983 in a nice, reserved 37mm case size; not one, but two stainless steel Calatravas (one of which is a JDM limited edition); a “Disco Volante” Ref. 2552; and a gold Ref. 2438 perpetual calendar from 1955. There also are some lowkey stalwarts (like this Golden Ellipse) that will likely only go for a few grand, ideal for prospective newbie Patek owners. The auction is live now, and bids will be accepted until July 27, so if you like what you see, you’ll need to act fairly quickly.

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